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Promoting the conservation and preservation of natural, cultural, and historic resources and encouraging prudent land practices in the Kiski-Conemaugh by restoring and enhancing land and water based natural resources and promoting citizen and environmental stewardship through low-impact recreation.

The Kiski-Conemaugh River Valley

We live in a region with deep river gorges, rolling hills, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Sadly, in years past, many of these defining natural features were decimated by decades of coal mining and industrial practices that paid little regard to the environmental consequences. This left the land scarred and the waterways polluted. The Kiski-Conemaugh River Valley was in desperate need of care.

Did you Know?

The Kiski-Conemaugh River Valley spans 1,887 square miles from Johnstown to Freeport, covering portions of Armstrong, Cambria, Indiana, Somerset, and Westmoreland counties. The valley not only boasts some of the state’s highest mountain ridges and deepest river gorges; it features an impressive collection of natural, cultural, and recreational resources.

What is CVC?

In 1994, a group of citizens had a new vision for the valley. They created the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy, a community-based non-profit designed to make meaningful contributions to the preservation and restoration of the entire Kiski-Conemaugh River Valley. For over 20 years they have been developing trails, preserving land, monitoring watersheds, and educating the public on the importance of conservation.

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The West Penn Trail

The West Penn Trail is a 17-mile multi-use trail, maintained entirely by some great volunteers. It spans from near Blairsville, PA to the historic town of Saltsburg. CVC and the West Penn Trail Council work to raise the necessary funds to acquire land for expansion and to keep the trail open year after year. Plans are underway to extend the trail to Avonmore, and eventually Apollo, creating approximately 40 miles of continuous trail through the valley. We are also working toward connections with the Hoodlebug and Ghostown Trails to our east.

The Stream Team

The Stream Team focuses on monitoring local streams and rivers, providing labor and support for local watershed groups. Our work provides the Department of Environmental Protection with invaluable data on Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD) and water quality restore habitat and ensure clean water throughout the valley.

The Upper Basin

The Upper Basin Projects are all about making valuable connections throughout the Johnstown area. CVC is working with partners to design, develop, and expand trails; all while our sister organization, the Stonycreek/Quemahoning Initative (SQI) continues development of Whitewater Park, a 300-yard river park for kayaking & tubing.

Funding CVC

CVC relies on volunteers and donations to do its work. In order to keep operation costs low, we promote charitable giving by providing great member outings and events like Green Drinks, the Conemaugh Valley River Sojourn, and the West Penn Trail Triathlon. We invite you to explore our Events Calendar and consider joining us for one of these great fundraising outings. You can make a difference while having fun and enjoying our beautiful river valley. Follow us on Facebook for updates on how your donation dollars are being put good use.

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