We’ve made another tough decision. Due to continued social distancing restrictions, we are cancelling our 8th Annual West Penn Trail Triathlon. Below is a letter from Barry Tuscano; one of the amazing individuals that plans our triathlon each year. Please read it for more information about the event cancellation and reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing at you at next year’s race.

Begin letter:

Hello triathletes:

I know you have all been patiently waiting to hear from me and I waited as long as possible to make a decision. With three months til race day we have decided to cancel the triathlon for 2020. We pondered the decision thoroughly and just couldn’t envision how to do it safely. Racers on the course don’t worry me too much, but the registration, start and finish would be problematic. I also am concerned with the safety of our volunteers.

I don’t believe that activity on the trail or river poses significant danger and would encourage you all to get out there as much as your schedule permits. Feel free to time yourself on the course or set up head to head competitions with your friends as river conditions permit. We want to see people using the trail and river. If you do this please contact me with your time and I will post it on our web site.  Please include the date and river level.

We look at this as an interruption in the triathlon not an end. Please tell your friends about our event and mark it on your calendars for October 9, 2021.

Thanks for your support.

Barry Tuscano

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